India Dominates Foreign Entries in the Prestigious Comrades Marathon in South Africa

The Comrades

India has emerged as the leading participant in the esteemed Comrades Marathon, set to take place between the cities of Pietermaritzburg and Durban in South Africa on June 11. The Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) announced that out of the 2,354 international runners from 84 countries, a staggering 403 entries hail from India. This impressive representation reaffirms the growing prominence of Indian athletes in the global running community.

With neighboring Zimbabwe securing second place with 255 entries, the United Kingdom with 224, the United States with 173, and Brazil with 142 runners, the Comrades Marathon has truly become a melting pot of international talent. Race Director of the CMA, Rowyn James, expressed delight at the significant number of international participants, emphasizing that the event has transformed into a truly global spectacle.

The 96th Comrades Marathon, referred to as the “Ultimate Human Race,” will feature a ‘Down Run’ this year. The race will commence at the Pietermaritzburg City Hall at 5:30 AM, covering a challenging distance of 87.701 kilometers, and culminate 12 hours later at the Kingsmead Stadium in Durban. The ‘Down Run’ signifies the route from inland Pietermaritzburg to the coastal city of Durban.

The Comrades Marathon holds the distinction of being the world’s oldest and largest ultra-marathon. Following a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the race made a triumphant return last year. In 2020, the CMA organized a virtual edition of the marathon, attracting 40,000 entries from 86 countries. India ranked sixth in terms of participation, showcasing the nation’s enthusiasm and passion for long-distance running.

Beyond the spirit of sportsmanship, the Comrades Marathon also offers a platform to celebrate historical significance. Pietermaritzburg holds a special place in the hearts of Indians as it was in this city that Mahatma Gandhi, a young lawyer at the time, faced racial discrimination when he was thrown off a train reserved for whites only. This incident became a turning point in Gandhi’s fight against discrimination, both in South Africa and later in India.

The Comrades Marathon has not only fostered international camaraderie among athletes but has also facilitated cultural exchanges. The local Indian community in Pietermaritzburg welcomes their Indian counterparts with open arms, as they often arrive early to train and pay homage to the Gandhi memorial sites. The warm hospitality extended to the Indian participants further strengthens the bond between the two nations.

As the Comrades Marathon approaches, India’s dominant presence among international entries highlights the nation’s growing influence in the global running arena. The race not only showcases physical endurance but also symbolizes the unifying power of sports, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to share in the spirit of achievement and camaraderie.


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