Centre to launch Rs 75 coin to mark new Parliament building’s inauguration


New Delhi: In a momentous occasion, the Ministry of Finance has announced the launch of a special Rs 75 coin to commemorate the inauguration of India’s new Parliament building. This extraordinary coin, set to be released on Sunday, stands as a symbol of the nation’s progress and unity.

The unveiling of the commemorative coin comes as the nation eagerly awaits the inauguration of the new Parliament building, a magnificent structure that reflects India’s aspirations for the future. The Ministry of Finance recognizes the significance of this historic event and seeks to celebrate it in a unique way.

The Rs 75 coin holds great significance, not only for its monetary value but also as a collector’s item. Crafted with intricate details, the coin showcases the grandeur of the new Parliament building, capturing its architectural brilliance and symbolic importance. It serves as a testament to the country’s democratic heritage and the strength of its democratic institutions.

The decision to introduce this commemorative coin aligns with the government’s efforts to mark significant milestones in India’s history. By doing so, it aims to preserve the memory of momentous events and pay tribute to the achievements that shape the nation.

The launch of the Rs 75 coin will provide an opportunity for citizens to possess a tangible reminder of this historic moment. It allows them to be part of the celebration and hold a piece of history in their hands. Moreover, the coin serves as a token of national pride, reflecting the unity and diversity of India.

It is worth noting that this commemorative coin does not replace any existing currency but serves as a special edition to honor the inauguration of the new Parliament building. Its availability will be limited, making it a coveted item for numismatists and collectors alike.

As the nation anticipates the unveiling of the new Parliament building, the introduction of the Rs 75 coin adds another layer of significance to the event. It captures the essence of India’s democratic spirit and the relentless pursuit of progress. With its unique design and limited availability, the coin is expected to be cherished by citizens and collectors as a valuable memento of this historic milestone.

The Ministry of Finance’s initiative to commemorate the inauguration with a special coin demonstrates the government’s commitment to acknowledging and celebrating key moments in the country’s history. As the nation embarks on a new chapter with the new Parliament building, the Rs 75 coin stands as a symbol of pride and unity, encapsulating the hopes and aspirations of a vibrant and progressive India.


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