Karnataka MLAs take oath in name of family deity, political masters


The 16th Karnataka Legislative Assembly commenced its first session on Monday, marking the beginning of a new era under the leadership of the recently elected Congress government led by Siddaramaiah. The session commenced with a solemn moment as the newly elected Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) took their oaths, reaffirming their commitment to public service.

Amidst the ceremonial proceedings, a notable aspect of the oath-taking ritual was the diverse range of individuals and entities to whom some MLAs expressed their allegiance. Apart from pledging their loyalty to the Constitution and the people of Karnataka, some MLAs chose to invoke their family deities and political mentors as part of their oath.

For many MLAs, their family deity holds a significant place in their personal and cultural identity. By taking the oath in the name of their family deity, they symbolically connect their public duties with their deeply rooted spiritual beliefs. This practice reflects the rich tapestry of religious and cultural diversity in Karnataka, showcasing the coexistence of faith and politics in the lives of its representatives.

Additionally, some MLAs also chose to acknowledge their political masters or mentors while taking the oath. This gesture underscores the influence and guidance received from senior leaders or individuals who have played pivotal roles in shaping their political careers. By recognizing their political mentors, these MLAs highlight the invaluable support and guidance they have received throughout their journey in public service.

While the oath-taking ceremony serves as a formal declaration of commitment and responsibility, the inclusion of family deities and political mentors in the process adds a touch of personal reverence and gratitude. It reflects the individual beliefs and experiences that have shaped the paths of these elected representatives, as they embark on their legislative duties.

The diverse array of oaths taken by the MLAs not only underscores the pluralistic nature of Karnataka but also showcases the interplay between faith, family, and politics in the lives of its public representatives. The oaths represent a symbolic bridge between the personal and the public, intertwining the spiritual, cultural, and political dimensions that define the state’s vibrant political landscape.

As the legislative session progresses, these newly sworn-in MLAs will have the opportunity to translate their promises into actions, working towards the betterment of their constituencies and the state as a whole. The oath-taking ceremony stands as a reminder of the responsibilities entrusted to them by the people, as they navigate the complex realm of governance and strive to uphold the trust placed in them.


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