Ram Charan Explores Untapped Beauty: Kashmir – The Coolest Place to Shoot Films in India


Renowned Telugu star Ram Charan recently expressed his admiration for the scenic beauty of Kashmir, labeling it as the “coolest” place to shoot films in India. Speaking at the ‘Film Tourism for Economic and Cultural Preservation’ event held at the Sheri Kashmir International Convention Centre (SKICC), Charan emphasized the untapped potential of Kashmir as a filming destination.

Being a second-generation actor and the son of the legendary Chiranjeevi, Charan reminisced about his father’s extensive shooting experiences in the breathtaking Kashmir Valley. His connection with the region dates back to 1986 when he visited for the first time, and he last filmed a movie there in 2016. Returning after several years, Charan expressed his sense of accomplishment and surreal feeling, especially while standing in the very auditorium where he had shot previously.

In his speech, Charan highlighted the allure of Kashmir, describing it as an untouched and virgin destination. He believed that despite 95 years of existence in the film industry, it would take another 95 years to fully explore the captivating beauty of Kashmir. Eager to explore the diverse landscapes of his own country, Charan announced his intention to predominantly shoot his next two movies in India, except in cases where Hollywood producers are involved.

Charan’s admiration for Kashmir resonates with the sentiments of many filmmakers who have recognized the region’s potential as a captivating backdrop for their stories. The picturesque valleys, serene lakes, snow-capped mountains, and rich cultural heritage make it a filmmaker’s paradise. The cinematic beauty of Kashmir has been showcased in numerous Bollywood movies over the years, captivating audiences with its breathtaking visuals.

Ram Charan’s endorsement of Kashmir as a preferred shooting destination serves as a significant boost for the region’s tourism and film industry. It not only attracts filmmakers and artists but also encourages film enthusiasts and travelers to explore the untamed beauty of Kashmir.

As Charan’s last big-screen outing, “RRR,” directed by SS Rajamouli, received global acclaim, winning the best original song award at this year’s Oscars, fans eagerly await his next project. Currently in production, Charan’s upcoming film, directed by S Shankar and starring Kiara Advani, promises to showcase the scenic grandeur of India’s diverse landscapes.

In conclusion, Ram Charan’s appreciation for Kashmir as the “coolest” place to shoot films in India highlights the untapped potential and natural beauty of the region. His endorsement not only brings attention to Kashmir’s cinematic allure but also reinforces the significance of exploring the diverse landscapes that India has to offer in the world of filmmaking.


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