Kids Row Thermocol Rafts, Fight Snakes To Reach School In This Maharashtra Hamlet

Kids row thermocol rafts

Young Students Brave Serpents and Navigate Thermocol Rafts on Their Way to School in Remote Maharashtra Village

In a remote hamlet nestled within Maharashtra, a unique daily journey to school has captured attention. Children in this area exhibit remarkable courage as they face snakes and traverse the waters on improvised thermocol rafts in their quest to reach their educational institution.

The arduous journey undertaken by these young students showcases their determination and resilience. Negotiating the presence of snakes along their path is a testament to their bravery. Moreover, the innovative use of thermocol rafts demonstrates the resourcefulness of the community in adapting to challenging circumstances.

This exceptional tale sheds light on the lengths to which these children are willing to go to access education. It also highlights the need for improved infrastructure and support for remote communities, ensuring safer and more convenient journeys for students pursuing knowledge in such remote locations.


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