Lawrence Bishnoi Gang’s Plot to Assassinate Salman Khan with Moosewala Murder Weapon Foiled

Lawrence Bishnoi gang planned to kill Salman Khan with pistol used in Moosewala's murder

The Lawrence Bishnoi gang’s sinister plot to assassinate Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has come to light. The gang, notorious for its involvement in numerous criminal activities, allegedly planned to use the same pistol that was used in the high-profile murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala. This disturbing disclosure has not only sent shockwaves through the film industry but also raised serious concerns about security measures for high-profile individuals.

The plot was uncovered during an investigation into the activities of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, which has been under intense scrutiny by law enforcement agencies following a series of violent incidents. The gang, known for its ruthlessness and connections with organized crime networks, had reportedly been planning the assassination for several months.

Lawrence Bishnoi, the gang leader, is currently imprisoned but continues to exert influence over his criminal enterprise from behind bars. His animosity towards Salman Khan dates back to a 1998 blackbuck poaching case, in which Khan was accused of killing a blackbuck, an animal considered sacred by the Bishnoi community. Although Khan was eventually acquitted, Bishnoi’s anger did not subside, leading to a long-standing vendetta against the actor.

According to police sources, the gang’s plan involved using the same weapon that was used to murder Sidhu Moosewala, who was shot dead in May 2022. The pistol, a .30 bore gun, was intended to be a symbolic instrument of revenge, linking the two high-profile cases in a macabre manner. The choice of weapon underscores the gang’s brazen attitude and its desire to send a chilling message.

The plot was foiled when police intercepted communications between gang members, leading to a series of arrests and the recovery of the weapon. During interrogations, the arrested gang members revealed the details of the assassination plan, including the reconnaissance of Salman Khan’s movements and routines. The gang had reportedly conducted extensive surveillance, identifying vulnerabilities in Khan’s security detail.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Vivek Phansalkar confirmed the details, stating, “We have thwarted a major threat to Salman Khan’s life. The investigation has revealed that the Lawrence Bishnoi gang was meticulously planning his assassination using the same weapon involved in the Moosewala murder. We are taking all necessary measures to ensure Khan’s safety and are working closely with his security team.”

Following these revelations, security around Salman Khan has been significantly tightened. Khan, who was already under police protection due to previous threats, has been advised to limit his public appearances and adhere strictly to security protocols. The actor’s residence, Galaxy Apartments in Bandra, Mumbai, has been fortified with additional security personnel and surveillance equipment.

This incident has highlighted the persistent threat posed by organized crime syndicates in India and their ability to target high-profile individuals. It has also raised questions about the effectiveness of prison systems in curbing the influence of incarcerated gang leaders. Despite being behind bars, Lawrence Bishnoi has continued to orchestrate criminal activities, leveraging his network to execute his plans.

The Bollywood industry, which has often found itself at the crossroads of fame and danger, is once again reminded of the lurking threats that can disrupt the lives of its stars. Salman Khan, a beloved figure with millions of fans worldwide, has faced multiple threats over the years, necessitating a robust security apparatus around him.

As the investigation continues, law enforcement agencies are determined to dismantle the Bishnoi gang and neutralize any further threats. The police are also exploring the broader implications of the gang’s activities, including their connections with other criminal organizations and potential threats to other public figures.

In addition, the foiled assassination plot against Salman Khan orchestrated by the Lawrence Bishnoi gang using the pistol involved in Sidhu Moosewala’s murder is a stark reminder of the dangerous intersection between crime and celebrity. While the swift action by the police has averted a potential tragedy, it underscores the ongoing need for vigilance and stringent security measures to protect high-profile individuals from such grave threats.


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