Motherhood: M&M Unveils Flexi Policy


Mars & Murrie, the renowned confectionery giant behind the iconic M&M’s candies, has recently introduced a groundbreaking Flexi Policy, aimed at empowering and supporting working mothers within their workforce. This innovative initiative represents a significant stride towards fostering a more inclusive and family-friendly workplace environment.

The Flexi Policy, designed with the needs of working mothers in mind, acknowledges the unique challenges they often face in balancing their professional and family responsibilities. By implementing this policy, Mars & Murrie demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that mothers within the organization can thrive in their careers while taking care of their families.

Under the Flexi Policy, working mothers will have the flexibility to tailor their work schedules to better suit their family commitments. This could mean adjusting their start and end times, opting for remote work when necessary, or even temporarily reducing their working hours. The company recognizes that the traditional 9-to-5 model may not always align with the demands of parenthood, and this policy is a proactive step towards accommodating those challenges.

Furthermore, Mars & Murrie understands that parental leave is a crucial aspect of supporting working mothers. The Flexi Policy extends to maternity leave, providing enhanced benefits and leave options to mothers, ensuring they can fully embrace the joys and responsibilities of motherhood without compromising their careers.

This initiative is a testament to Mars & Murrie’s dedication to fostering diversity and gender equality within its workforce. By creating an environment where working mothers can excel professionally without sacrificing their family life, the company promotes a culture of inclusivity and equal opportunities.


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