Nepotism Allegations in Bigg Boss 17: Viewer Suspicions on Salman Khan’s Bias!

Salman Khan

In the latest season of Bigg Boss, the notable television show hosted by Salman Khan has unveiled an intriguing development. Allegations of bias have surfaced, with Salman Khan, the show’s host, being at the center of attention. In this season, there has been an explicit admission from the Bigg Boss himself about a tendency to favor certain contestants, leading to scrutiny and speculation, especially regarding the perceived favoritism towards Mannara Chopra, known as the sister of Bollywood figures Priyanka and Parineeti Chopra.

Viewer Concerns: Mannara Chopra and Alleged Bias by Salman Khan

There’s a growing sentiment among the audience that Mannara is receiving preferential treatment. Fans have taken to social media to voice their accusations, not only targeting the show’s creators but also pointing fingers at Salman Khan, alleging nepotism. The perception is that Salman Khan appears to be inclined towards supporting Mannara Chopra’s position on the show.

Many believe that Mannara’s actions and missteps often seem to be overlooked both by the Bigg Boss team and host Salman Khan. A recent incident during the “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode attracted criticism when Salman highlighted a confrontation between Mannara and KhanZaadi, where an offensive term was used by Mannara, causing discomfort among other housemates. Despite this, the apparent response from Salman Khan and the show led to disappointment among fans. The swift resolution of the issue through an apology from Mannara seemed inadequate to viewers, leading to accusations of favoritism.

Comparisons were drawn regarding the seriousness of actions and their consequences on the show. When another contestant referred to Mannara as a “duplicate” of Parineeti Chopra, it was highlighted more seriously compared to certain remarks made by Mannara, adding fuel to the accusations of partiality.

These sentiments from viewers are quite vocal, pointing out specific instances where they feel the show’s management and Salman Khan might be overlooking critical matters. Many social media users have expressed their dissatisfaction, highlighting what they perceive as an inclination towards Mannara due to her familial connections. The ongoing discussions and reactions in response to these incidents further highlight the contention around favoritism and its potential impact on the fairness and integrity of the show.


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