Oval track wasn’t fully prepared for a game like WTC final: Mohammed Shami


In a recent statement, renowned fast bowler Mohammed Shami expressed his dissatisfaction with the pitch selected for the highly anticipated World Test Championship (WTC) final. Shami, a seasoned campaigner for the Indian cricket team, claimed that the oval track used for the momentous match was not adequately prepared to meet the demands of such a crucial encounter.

Shami’s comments have stirred a debate among cricket enthusiasts and experts alike, drawing attention to the role of pitch preparation in determining the outcome of a Test match. The pitch, a vital element of any cricket contest, can significantly influence the performance of both batsmen and bowlers, ultimately shaping the course of the game.

While details regarding Shami’s specific grievances with the pitch remain undisclosed, his statement implies that the surface might not have been up to the desired standards for a contest of this magnitude. The condition of the pitch, including its firmness, grass coverage, and evenness, plays a pivotal role in providing an equal contest between bat and ball.

Shami’s opinion reflects a sentiment shared by several players and experts who believe that a fair and balanced playing surface is essential for an ideal cricket match. The preparation of the pitch requires careful attention to factors such as moisture levels, hardness, and the potential for wear and tear throughout the course of the game.

The criticism surrounding the WTC final pitch highlights the importance of pitch curators and ground staff in creating an environment that encourages skillful cricket. The onus lies with the hosting cricket boards and ground authorities to ensure that the pitch is well-prepared, fostering an even contest between the competing teams and giving both batsmen and bowlers an opportunity to display their abilities.

As Shami’s comments continue to gain traction within the cricketing community, it serves as a reminder that pitch preparation remains a crucial aspect of the game’s integrity. The concerns raised by the experienced fast bowler may prompt further discussions on the need for standardizing pitch conditions and the role of ground curators in major cricketing events.

It is worth noting that the precise details and specific conditions surrounding the oval track used for the WTC final are not available beyond Shami’s statement. For the most accurate and comprehensive information, it is advisable to refer to official statements or reports from cricketing authorities involved in the match.


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