PM Modi Leaves For UAE After Concluding France Trip

PM Modi leaves for UAE


After a fruitful two-day visit to France, Prime Minister Narendra Modi bid adieu to the picturesque city and embarked on his journey to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Saturday. During his stay in France, the Indian Prime Minister engaged in a series of high-level meetings and discussions, covering a wide range of topics.

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to France was marked by a strong emphasis on strengthening bilateral ties between the two nations. One of the key highlights of his trip was a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, where they engaged in extensive discussions on various strategic, economic, and cultural matters. The leaders expressed mutual commitment to deepening cooperation in areas such as defense, trade, technology, and climate change.

Additionally, Prime Minister Modi held talks with several top French business leaders, aiming to enhance investment opportunities and promote collaboration in key sectors such as renewable energy, aerospace, and digital innovation. The Indian government’s ambitious initiatives like “Make in India” and “Digital India” received substantial attention during these discussions, as both sides explored avenues for greater partnerships and technological exchanges.

The visit also witnessed the signing of several important agreements and memorandums of understanding (MoUs) between the two countries. These agreements covered areas like space cooperation, cybersecurity, and cultural exchanges, further cementing the foundation for robust collaboration in the years to come.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi’s interaction with the Indian diaspora in France was a significant aspect of his visit. He addressed a large gathering of enthusiastic community members, emphasizing the contributions of the Indian community to the bilateral relationship and recognizing their role as cultural ambassadors. The Prime Minister assured them of the government’s commitment to addressing their concerns and facilitating their engagement with India.

As Prime Minister Modi bid adieu to France, he expressed gratitude for the warm hospitality extended to him during his stay. He also highlighted the immense potential for further strengthening the partnership between India and France, emphasizing the shared values and aspirations of both nations.

Following his departure from France, Prime Minister Modi now sets his sights on the UAE, continuing his diplomatic engagements in the region. The visit to the UAE is expected to focus on strengthening economic and strategic ties, exploring avenues for enhanced trade, investment, and cooperation in various sectors of mutual interest.

Prime Minister Modi’s visits to France and the UAE reflect India’s commitment to furthering its diplomatic relations with key global partners, fostering greater collaboration, and advancing shared goals for peace, prosperity, and sustainable development.


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