Shilpa Shetty invests in Shark Tank India Company; says “I am excited to support them”


In a testament to her passion for health and wellness, renowned actress Shilpa Shetty has recently made a strategic investment in a Mumbai-based healthy snacks company that garnered attention after its appearance on Shark Tank India Season 2. The Bollywood star, known for her dedication to fitness and healthy living, expressed her excitement in supporting the promising venture.

The Mumbai-based company, which impressed the judges on the popular entrepreneurial show with its innovative range of nutritious snacks, caught Shetty’s attention due to its commitment to providing healthy alternatives to conventional snacking options. With a strong focus on using natural ingredients and catering to diverse dietary needs, the company aligns perfectly with Shetty’s personal values and investment preferences.

Shetty, who has long championed the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle, understands the significance of healthy eating choices in today’s fast-paced world. Her investment in the healthy snacks company signifies her belief in its mission to make nutritious and delicious options more accessible to health-conscious individuals.

The collaboration between Shilpa Shetty and the Mumbai-based startup is expected to propel the company’s growth and market reach significantly. Shetty’s involvement brings not only financial support but also her valuable expertise and influential network, which can help propel the company to new heights.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the partnership, Shetty stated, “I am excited to support this incredible venture that shares my passion for promoting healthier lifestyles. This collaboration presents a fantastic opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives by offering them tasty and wholesome snack alternatives.”

With Shetty’s investment, the Mumbai-based healthy snacks company plans to accelerate product development, expand its distribution network, and invest in marketing initiatives to raise awareness about its offerings. The infusion of capital and expertise is expected to fuel innovation, allowing the company to introduce even more nutritious and enticing snack options in the market.

Industry experts have lauded Shetty’s investment in the healthy snacks sector, considering her strong influence and credibility in the wellness space. By actively supporting companies that prioritize health and nutrition, Shetty is not only contributing to the growth of the industry but also inspiring others to make conscious choices when it comes to their well-being.

As the partnership between Shilpa Shetty and the Mumbai-based healthy snacks company gains momentum, both parties are optimistic about the future. With a shared vision of promoting healthier lifestyles, their collaboration aims to make a meaningful difference in the snacking landscape while empowering individuals to make better food choices for their overall well-being.


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