‘Sometimes it can happen’: McGrath on India’s capitulation in WTC final vs Australia


Chennai: Cricketing icon Glenn McGrath shared his insights on India’s surprising capitulation during the highly anticipated World Test Championship (WTC) final against Australia in London. The former fast bowler acknowledged that unexpected turnarounds can occur in cricket, offering his perspective on the Indian team’s performance.

Inevitable outcomes in cricket: McGrath, known for his formidable bowling prowess, expressed that in the game of cricket, unforeseen circumstances can sometimes lead to unexpected results. While speaking about India’s underwhelming performance in the WTC final, he emphasized that such occurrences are part and parcel of the sport.

A clash of titans: The WTC final, which garnered massive attention from cricket enthusiasts worldwide, saw two cricketing powerhouses, India and Australia, go head-to-head for the coveted championship title. The match held immense significance, as it aimed to determine the world’s best Test team.

India’s surprising collapse: Unfortunately for the Indian team and their fans, the much-anticipated clash took an unforeseen turn as they suffered a shocking collapse against the formidable Australian bowling attack. This collapse, which played a crucial role in determining the final outcome, surprised many cricket pundits and spectators alike.

McGrath’s perspective: McGrath, offering his insight into the Indian team’s unexpected downfall, acknowledged that even the best teams can face challenging moments and struggle to perform to their potential. Highlighting the nature of the game, he emphasized that cricket’s unpredictability often leads to surprising outcomes.

Lessons to be learned: The Indian team, known for its strong batting lineup and exceptional performances in the past, faced an uncharacteristic setback in the WTC final. However, such experiences can serve as valuable lessons for both the players and the team as a whole. The defeat offers an opportunity for introspection and growth, enabling the team to bounce back stronger in future matches.

Looking ahead: While the WTC final outcome may have been disappointing for the Indian team and their supporters, the world of cricket is ever-evolving. The loss should not overshadow the team’s achievements leading up to the final, nor undermine their potential for future successes. As McGrath highlighted, cricket is a sport where unexpected turnarounds can happen, and it is important for teams to regroup and strive for improvement.

Glenn McGrath’s observations on India’s unexpected collapse in the WTC final against Australia shed light on the unpredictable nature of cricket. Acknowledging that unforeseen outcomes can occur, even for top teams, provides valuable perspective on the game’s inherent uncertainties. The Indian team’s defeat should be viewed as an opportunity for growth and a chance to rebound stronger in the future. Ultimately, cricket’s charm lies in its ability to surprise, challenge, and inspire, keeping fans and players alike captivated by its timeless appeal.


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