‘Steve Smith’s Form Not A Concern But…’: Mithchell Stare

Australian Team

Australian fast bowler Mitchell Starc recently weighed in on the form of his teammate Steve Smith, clarifying that while he isn’t overly concerned about Smith’s current performance, there are aspects worth noting.

Smith, often considered one of the world’s best batsmen, has been experiencing a relatively lean patch in international cricket. Starc, however, believes that the recent scrutiny surrounding Smith’s form may be somewhat exaggerated. Starc highlighted that every player, regardless of their stature, goes through peaks and troughs in their career, and Smith is no exception.

Starc acknowledged that Smith has set exceptionally high standards for himself in the past, which makes any perceived dip in performance more noticeable. However, he emphasized that Smith’s work ethic, determination, and experience make him a valuable asset to the Australian team.

Despite not being in the best of form recently, Smith has demonstrated his resilience on numerous occasions, bouncing back from setbacks with stellar performances. Starc cited these instances as proof of Smith’s ability to overcome challenges and emerge stronger.

Starc also touched upon the mental toll that comes with being a top-level athlete and suggested that Smith might be facing added pressure due to external expectations. The relentless scrutiny from fans and media can affect any player’s confidence, even someone as accomplished as Smith. Starc urged the cricket community to support Smith during this phase rather than criticize him excessively.

In conclusion, while Steve Smith’s recent form might raise eyebrows, Mitchell Starc remains optimistic about his teammate’s abilities and believes that Smith will soon return to his prolific best. Starc’s words serve as a reminder that cricket, like any sport, is full of ups and downs, and even the greatest players face challenging periods. The key is to provide the support and patience needed for Smith to rediscover his exceptional form and continue contributing to Australian cricket’s success.


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