The Ancient Times, Chief Editor Hussain Owais Sabir : Power to Public with minimal education qualifications.


The Ancient Times is a weekly news paper published in dual language I.e., Kannada and English in Bangalore, Karnataka.

The Editor of The Ancient times Mr.Owaiz Hussain, has now started a new idea of the public to become a journalist / reporter with minimum qualification.

This plan for public to become a news reporter to publish news from various areas and aware the public with what is happening around them.

The public who will be acting as an honorary news reporters can post the news in their news portal by login in

On Monday 7 Aug 2023 The Chief Editor Mr. Owaiz Hussain Said The news article which will be published by the honorary reporters shall be checked by the chief editor and then shall be published in the web portal.

The public can become a part of the news channel by submitting their respective ID cards and after the background check the login credentials to those respective honoring employees shall be provided by the chief editor.

further added by The Chief Editor Mr. Owaiz Hussain that his aim is to bring his newspaper with one of the top most newspapers, therefore he never compromised with the paper quality and print his newspaper in one of the top most printing company named MNS Printers Pvt Ltd, where printing of famous newspaper take place like Times of India, Bangalore Mirror etc.

To become a part of The Ancient Times there is no minimum age limit any retire person or any student can apply by sending their resume with their respective ID cards to the email address of the chief editor and the following will be accepted after a verification hence this is an invitation for interesting person to be a part of the ancient times news

To know more about it contact The Ancient Times through their email


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