WTC Final: Can Team India’s ‘old;’ middle order play the new-age game?


India’s Test cricket team has experienced a shift in their middle-order batting approach in recent times, relying on a counter-attacking style spearheaded by the likes of Rishabh Pant, Shreyas Iyer, and Ravindra Jadeja. However, as India prepares for their upcoming challenges, including the absence of Pant and Iyer, questions arise about how the team will adapt to maintain their batting prowess. In this article, we delve into the adjustments required and explore potential solutions to ensure India’s middle order continues to flourish.

The Significance of Counter-Attacking Play: The emergence of Pant, Iyer, and Jadeja in India’s Test setup brought an exciting dimension to their middle-order batting. Their aggressive style not only provided impetus to the team’s scoring rate but also put opposition bowlers under pressure, often leading to breakthroughs for the Indian side. This approach revitalized India’s batting strategy and had a significant impact on the team’s recent successes.

Pant’s Absence: A Gap to Fill: With Pant’s absence, India faces a notable void in their middle-order lineup. Known for his attacking stroke-play and ability to turn the game on its head, Pant’s contributions have been invaluable in challenging situations. His fearless approach allowed India to seize momentum and turn matches in their favor. Therefore, finding a suitable replacement who can replicate Pant’s impact will be crucial.

Iyer’s Absence: A Chance for Others to Shine: Shreyas Iyer, although relatively new to Test cricket, showcased his potential with his attacking mindset and ability to accelerate the innings. His presence provided stability and depth to the middle order. However, with Iyer sidelined, it opens up an opportunity for other talented individuals to step up and make their mark. This creates healthy competition within the team and encourages players to seize the chance to establish themselves.

Alternative Strategies: To address the absence of Pant and Iyer, India’s coaching staff and team management need to devise alternative strategies. This could involve a shift in batting roles for existing players or the inclusion of fresh faces who possess the ability to adapt to the demands of Test cricket. The team’s focus should be on striking a balance between aggression and stability to maintain the middle-order’s effectiveness.

Leveraging the Experience of Rahane and Kohli: In the absence of Pant and Iyer’s aggressive approach, the experience and leadership of Ajinkya Rahane and Virat Kohli become paramount. Rahane, known for his calm temperament, can provide stability and anchor the innings when required. Kohli, a master of adapting to different formats, can take charge and provide the much-needed impetus at critical junctures. Their ability to read the game and play to their strengths will be vital in guiding the middle order.

While India’s Test middle-order has recently relied on a counter-attacking style driven by Pant, Iyer, and Jadeja, the absence of Pant and Iyer presents both challenges and opportunities. Adapting to the circumstances, India’s middle order will need to find a balance between aggression and stability. By leveraging the experience of Rahane and Kohli, along with identifying suitable replacements, India can navigate this transitional phase and maintain their batting prowess in the upcoming challenges that lie ahead.


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