WTC Final fallout: Look to Aussies for Test succession plan, says Ravi Shastri


Former Indian cricket team coach Ravi Shastri has emphasized the importance of making difficult decisions and seeking inspiration from successful cricketing nations to chart a clear roadmap for the team’s future. In a recent statement, Shastri urged the selectors to take bold steps in shaping the team’s composition and development, drawing lessons from sides that have excelled in the international arena. With an eye on sustaining India’s success, Shastri’s call highlights the need for a well-defined succession plan and continual talent grooming.

Creating a Robust Succession Plan:

Shastri stressed the significance of a robust succession plan, citing the achievements of cricketing powerhouses like Australia. Known for their seamless transitions between generations of players, Australia has managed to maintain a high level of performance in Test cricket by effectively grooming and nurturing young talent. The former coach believes that India can learn from Australia’s model and implement similar strategies to ensure a steady supply of talented players as senior members retire from the team.

Identifying and Nurturing Young Talent:

To build a strong future for Indian cricket, Shastri emphasized the need for selectors to identify and nurture promising young players. India has made notable progress in this area in recent years, with the emergence of talented individuals like Shubman Gill, Rishabh Pant, and Washington Sundar. However, Shastri believes there is room for improvement and suggests looking to more successful sides for inspiration on effective talent development.

Taking Tough Calls:

In order to shape the team’s future, Shastri stressed the importance of making tough decisions. Selectors need to be bold in their choices and willing to take calculated risks for the long-term benefit of Indian cricket. This may involve making difficult calls, such as phasing out experienced players or introducing fresh faces into the squad. Shastri’s emphasis on bold decision-making reflects the need for a proactive approach in creating a winning combination.

Drawing Inspiration from Successful Sides:

Shastri urged the Indian selectors to draw inspiration from more successful sides to create a roadmap for the team’s future. By studying the methods employed by cricketing nations with a strong track record, India can adapt and tailor their strategies to suit their own unique circumstances. Learning from the best practices of successful teams can provide valuable insights into team building, talent development, and long-term planning.

Ravi Shastri’s call for selectors to make hard decisions and seek inspiration from successful cricketing nations highlights the importance of creating a well-defined roadmap for the future of Indian cricket. By implementing a robust succession plan, identifying and nurturing young talent, taking tough calls, and drawing inspiration from successful sides, India can ensure sustained success in the international arena. Shastri’s perspective serves as a valuable reminder that continuous improvement and strategic planning are key to maintaining India’s position as a cricketing powerhouse.


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