Bear Intrusion Prompts Joint Rescue Operation at Government School in Banihal


In an unexpected turn of events, a black bear ventured into the premises of a government-run school in Banihal town, Ramban district, creating a sense of urgency and prompting a joint rescue operation by the police and wildlife department. The incident occurred on a Saturday morning, just before the arrival of students, stirring panic among locals.

Around 9 am, residents spotted the black bear entering the government higher secondary school for boys from a nearby government building where it had possibly taken shelter during the night. Promptly informed, the police and wildlife protection teams rushed to the scene to capture the bear and ensure the safety of the students and staff.

However, despite their efforts, the bear managed to escape, taking advantage of the thick vegetation in the area. It disappeared from sight after being initially spotted near the school laboratory, leaving the authorities concerned about the safety of the public. Consequently, joint teams were dispatched and fanned out in the vicinity to locate and track the bear effectively.

Due to the lingering presence of the bear, the school administration decided to delay the students’ entry into the premises for nearly an hour. The safety of the students was of utmost importance, and the authorities wanted to ensure that the area was secure before allowing them to proceed with their classes.

Locals in Banihal expressed concern over the recent surge in bear sightings, not only in the town but also in adjoining areas, including the busy Jammu-Srinagar national highway. The presence of three bears in the vicinity has raised alarm bells among residents who are apprehensive about their safety. They have called upon the relevant authorities to take immediate measures to capture and relocate the bears to prevent any potential threats to the community.

The incident serves as a reminder of the delicate coexistence between humans and wildlife. As human settlements expand into natural habitats, it becomes essential to implement measures that ensure the safety of both humans and animals. It is crucial for wildlife protection departments and local communities to work together, fostering awareness and implementing effective strategies for the peaceful cohabitation of humans and wildlife.

In the case of Banihal, efforts must be made to locate and capture the bears swiftly, minimizing any potential risks to the public. Additionally, educating the local population on bear safety and precautions can help prevent any untoward incidents in the future. By striking a balance between conservation and human needs, communities can create a harmonious environment where both humans and wildlife can thrive without endangering one another.


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