Fire Extinguished in Mumbai High-Rise Near Breach Candy Hospital, Two Rescued


In a swift operation, Mumbai’s Fire Brigade successfully extinguished a Level-2 fire that broke out in a high-rise building near Breach Candy Hospital on Saturday night. The fire, which originated in two flats on the 12th floor, prompted a quick response from the authorities, leading to the rescue of two individuals and the safe evacuation of the building.

As the news of the fire spread, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) Mumbai Fire Brigade sprung into action, deploying firefighting vehicles and personnel to the scene. The fire, although confined to the two flats, posed a significant threat due to the building’s proximity to the hospital and the potential for the fire to spread.

Fortunately, the well-coordinated efforts of the firefighters and the availability of specialized equipment, including a high-rise fire fighting vehicle and a small hose line with a motor pump, played a vital role in containing the blaze. The firefighters meticulously navigated their way through the smoke-filled building, using the staircase to reach the 12th floor where the trapped individuals were located.

According to initial reports, some people were believed to be trapped inside the building. However, the firefighters wasted no time and successfully rescued two individuals from the 12th floor. Their quick response and bravery ensured that no casualties or injuries were reported.

To mitigate any potential risks, the Mumbai Fire Brigade took the precautionary measure of evacuating the fourteen-floored building. This decision prioritized the safety of the residents and allowed the firefighters to tackle the fire without hindrance.

The incident serves as a testament to the preparedness and efficiency of the Mumbai Fire Brigade. Their prompt response and effective coordination not only prevented the fire from spreading but also ensured the successful rescue of individuals in distress. The incident highlights the importance of robust firefighting infrastructure and the expertise of the firefighting personnel in handling such emergencies.

As investigations into the cause of the fire commence, the focus remains on addressing any safety concerns within the building. The timely intervention of the authorities undoubtedly prevented a potentially catastrophic event, showcasing the significance of stringent fire safety regulations and the need for ongoing vigilance in high-rise buildings.

In conclusion, the recent fire incident near Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai’s high-rise building was swiftly brought under control by the Mumbai Fire Brigade. Their professionalism, courage, and well-coordinated efforts in rescuing trapped individuals and extinguishing the fire highlight the importance of effective emergency response. The incident serves as a reminder of the critical role played by firefighters in safeguarding lives and properties during such crises.


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