Malabar Hill bldg residents have right to common terrace: Court


In a significant ruling, the civil court in Mumbai has provided much-needed relief to residents residing in a six-decade-old building situated in Malabar Hill. The court’s observation acknowledged the residents’ inherent right to access the building’s common terrace, marking a favorable outcome in a long-standing dispute.

The verdict comes as a respite to the residents who have been engaged in a legal battle to assert their claim over the shared terrace area. The Malabar Hill building, steeped in history and housing a vibrant community, had witnessed disagreements over the utilization of the terrace, leading to protracted litigation.

With the court’s pronouncement, the residents can now exercise their entitlement to enjoy and utilize the common terrace space, fostering community engagement and providing an opportunity for social interaction among the building’s occupants. The common terrace serves as a valuable asset, offering scenic views and an open environment, where residents can unwind and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings.

The decision by the civil court is likely to enhance the overall quality of life for the residents, who can now take advantage of the shared terrace for various recreational activities, including small gatherings, leisurely strolls, or even cultivating rooftop gardens. It also emphasizes the importance of recognizing and respecting the rights of individuals within a collective living space.

This ruling may have a broader impact beyond this specific case, setting a precedent for similar disputes involving the usage of common spaces in residential buildings. It reaffirms the significance of balanced decision-making, taking into account the interests of all parties involved while upholding the rights and privileges of the residents.

Residents and community members have expressed their satisfaction with the court’s decision, lauding it as a step towards fostering harmony and unity within the building. The ruling is expected to contribute to the overall well-being and peaceful coexistence of the residents, promoting a sense of camaraderie and shared responsibility.

It is important to note that legal decisions can be subject to appeals or further legal proceedings. Therefore, the residents and other stakeholders will remain attentive to any potential developments as the case progresses. Nonetheless, the civil court’s recognition of the residents’ right to access the common terrace signifies a significant milestone in their pursuit of a harmonious living environment within the historic Malabar Hill building.


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